Building is in the McCloy blood.

Francis McCloy was a builder who “reared 8 kids, survived the Depression, never took a cent on the dole, ran his own chooks and pigs and fished Lake Munmorah”.

In 1961, one of Francis’ sons, Don, started a Belmont-based construction company specialising in commercial buildings, schools and hotels. Don’s son, Jeff, who is now the Chairman of McCloy Group, joined his father in the mid-seventies, taking over the reins in the mid-eighties after ten years working together.

One of McCloy’s early successes was the construction of the $150 million John Hunter Hospital, the region’s largest, delivered a year ahead of schedule.

In the 1990s, the McCloy Group diversified considerably, reflecting Jeff’s innovative approach and business acumen. Today the McCloy Group’s interests include:

  • Creating outstanding masterplanned residential communities;
  • Owning, redeveloping  and managing employment centre complexes;
  • Owning, developing and operating state-of-the-art retirement living villages.

We have a reputation that we complete what we do; that we’re there for the long haul — that’s our philosophy