May of 2019 saw the McCloy Group bring forward the development of the shared pathway between Boundary Road and Federation Drive, today the team are excited to announce that McCloy Group have again entered into a new Works in Kind agreement with Port Stephens Council to continue the improvements and build the second leg of the shared pathway between Federation Drive and Kindlebark Drive ahead of projected council schedule.

The extension will see connections made to enable ease of access from The Bower and sections of Medowie, north of Boundary Road to Kindlebark Drive towards the Medowie township. Work is expected to commence during early next week from 8th October with an anticipated completion of November 2019. This agreement will see McCloy Group manage the project to bring the build date forward from the original ranking as a Staging Threshold 2 Project under Port Stephens Council’s Developer Contributions Plan.

“Within all our communities, we look for opportunities to ensure the local amenity and planned amenity can meet the needs of the growing area. We knew the community would benefit from the extension of shared pathway, as it did with the leg complete in May, so we took action to bring the development forward for the residence of Medowie” James Goode, McCloy Group Senior Project Director commented.

With new families coming to The Bower each day and growing interest in McCloy Groups new site on Medowie Road, The Gardens, McCloy’s saw the need for the continuation of the shared pathway connection to Kindlebark Drive as a higher priority than it was currently ranked.

“By entering into a Works in Kind Agreement with Port Stephens Council, we are able to deliver the project ahead of time to better meet the needs of residents both in and nearby the McCloy Communities” Mr Goode added.

The Works in Kind Agreement has a projected Council budget of $515,000, but will bring invaluable growth and ease of connection to the township for locals.

For more information on the lifestyle offering at The Bower visit or the Gardens,