You don’t have to travel far from your doorstep to stumble across a development in progress in the Hunter. Billboards flaunting land packages have become the norm as property developers vie for home buyers attention in a market that’s got everyone talking.

Yet there’s a maverick in the market, a group breaking away from the mould, offering prospective homeowners a chance to buy into a lifestyle that stretches far beyond what’s behind their own front door.

Award winning property group, McCloy Group are far from new to the industry, yet the 50 year old firm offers a fresh perspective on the notion of buying a new home.

Chairman Jeff McCloy says it’s a philosophy the company holds close and embraces quality, attention to detail and perhaps most interestingly – the arts.

“Our attention to detail is something we work really hard on – the quality of the development and the community that we try to create is incredibly important. It’s not just a matter of chopping up land and selling off lots,” He explains.

“Our focus is to ensure every aspect of a development is treated with care, for example our fencing is black to ensure the eye is drawn to the surrounds – it’s these little things that make a big aesthetic difference. Using art is another way we set our development apart from others.”

The Groups passion for art has spurred a signature among the communities they create that inspires creativity, humour and an environment that residents can be proud of. The hallmark sculptures that have become synonymous with the McCloy communities and bring public art into everyday lives bringing a sense of identity to the collective dwellings.

“I often observe when I’m in other parts of the world how much art there is and how it makes a huge difference to the community. Not everyone will visit a gallery but everyone notices when its outside, it can be funny or artistic but it’s wonderful to be able to bring it into people’s lives and make is accessible,” he continues.

With each subdivision themed, appropriate sculptures are either sourced or commissioned giving a touch of class to entry statements. From giant bower birds to metal koalas and kangaroos, the pieces play to the environment, offer a talking point in the community and inject a welcome sense of creativity to the outdoor spaces.

“It’s all about adding value for our customers, the home is likely to be the biggest investment they make, so ensuring it’s a sound one makes sense,” Adds Jeff.

“It’s also about having pride in our city and extending that through to the sub-divisions we offer.”
Ensuring owner occupancy is another focus for the group and one that Jeff McCloy believes helps to manage the ever tightening constraints set by councils and governments on how new builds need to be built.

Core to McCloy Group projects is providing a proven investment growth for the home owners. “Nothing is more pleasing then seeing a family buy into a stage of our community and over the years of the development increase the value of their investment” commented Jeff. The McCloy Group are evidently conscious of creating a product that has longevity for the positive financial future of their customers.

“Prescriptive requirements on the building industry leave little room for good design but by considering the balance of homeowners verses investors means that there’s a higher likelihood developments will stay looked after and keep their appeal, which goes some way to dealing with the criticism developments often receive.”

Drawing in buyers in a highly competitive market is of course the prize and is often centred around the opportunity to showcase quality in the guise of display homes.

“Display homes firstly show activity and activity brings people and these people can look and judge. We have a series of builders that want to put themselves in front of those communities to view their product which brings a raised level of market awareness. It’s a parallel process where the developer and builder and customer can feel and touch a product and ultimately see where they want to live.”

“More people can understand and feel comfortable with the process and choose a location and lifestyle to suit them, the better.”

McCloy Group have upcoming projects in Medowie, Lochinvar, Wyee and Armidale. To find out more about the McCloy Group communities near you visit:

Source: Your Home Inspiration, Newcastle Herald | Saturday 23rd March 2019